What a year we have passed…!

We had multiple papers accepted…

– Nahon, Rémi, Van-Tam Nguyen, and Enzo Tartaglione. « Mining bias-target Alignment from Voronoi Cells. » IEEE International Conference in Computer Vision (ICCV) (2023).

– De Sousa Trias, Carl et al. « A hitchhiker’s guide to white-box neural network watermarking robustness ». European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (2023).

– Vijayaratnam, Melan et al. « ALL PREDICTIONS MATTER: AN ONLINE VIDEO PREDICTION APPROACH ». European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (2023).

– Nahon, Rémi, et al. « Mental state classification using EEG signals: ethics, law and challenges » The 1st Workshop on Machine Learning, Law and society (ECML-PKDD) (2023).

– Milovanović, Marta, et al. « Learn how to Prune Pixels for Multi-view Neural Image-based Synthesis. » ICME Workshop on immersive video (2023).

– Quétu, Victor, Milovanović, Marta, and Enzo Tartaglione. « Sparse Double Descent in Vision Transformers: real or phantom threat? » International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (2023).

– Wang, Yinghao, et al. « Optimized preprocessing and Tiny ML for Attention State Classification. » IEEE SSP Workshop (2023).

– Quétu, Victor, and Enzo Tartaglione. « Can we avoid the Double Descent in Deep Neural Networks. » IEEE International Conference in Image Processing (2023).

Some are currently under review…

  • Journal paper with Melan
  • Dodging sparse double descent with Victor
  • Adapters on Transformers with Imad
  • Journal paper with Victor

…and (many) others work in progress.