Some approaching deadlines…

AAAI papers (Nov 2 -> Nov 5):
– « Find the lady: permutation and re-synchronization of deep neural networks » by Carl
– « DSD$^2$: can we Dodge Sparse Double Descent and compress the neural network worry-free? » by Victor
– « Do we really need a validation set? Scaling the learning rate with neural velocity » by Gianluca
– « Capsule Networks Do Not Need to Model Everything » by Riccardo

CVPR submissions (Nov 3 REG DEADLINE – Nov 10 SUB DEADLINE – Nov 17 SUPP DEADLINE)
Tentative submissions:
– Zhu&Victor for pruning [state: baselines acquired, working on method refinement]
– Remi for bias+DA [state: SOTA research in good shape, preliminary results encouraging]
– Imad for CL [state: first draft in progress, results are good, working on ablation+extra experiments]
– Gabriele on efficient TL [state: baselines acquired, now working on method refinement]
– Francesco for GangNeRFs [state: results obtained, first draft in place, more results to be obtained on more models]

At the end of the month there is a risk for me to be away – let’s plan ahead of time!

Just placed a buy order for
– 3xA4500 (yes, other three)
– 2xHDD 8TB
– 2xSSD 2TB
– 1x RaspPi 4
Considering buying Jetson ORIN development kit…
Work in progress to buy a new server to cope with nodemm04